"a fascinating, tender and at times intensely moving exploration of acts of personal bravery"  One Giant Leap 

"Be Brave & leave for the unknown" is RedCape's most reent show. The play investigates the nature of bravery. It premiered in autumn 2015 and has toured nationally..

‘Be Brave and Leave for the Unknown’ is an everyday story of epic courage, love and loss told through the hands of a piano player and the lens of a photographer.

In a world in which there is so much to fear, when taking the smallest of steps can be terrifying, it sometimes feels as if we have forgotten how to be brave. Or have we?
In our latest show ‘Be Brave and Leave for the Unknown’ we tell an epic story in a domestic setting. Behind the curtains of an everyday flat we witness the devastation caused by the death of a child on her young parents. As we travel to war zones, train stations, nightclubs, concert halls, and park benches we discover that everyone everywhere is fighting their very own battle. Bravery and Fear are never far apart. From the audience interactive ‘Pride of Britain’ episodes, to watching the couple try to open their front door and take a step, every scene contains an act of bravery.

"In the centre of the stage there is a large table, with cunning extra functions – flaps lift, lids uncover holes, objects emerge from the hollow interior. It becomes a piano, a baby bath, a tank, a bar to dance on, a train platform to jump from, a bomb shelter. The actors thread themselves around and under and through it, and around and about one another, in a beautiful cat’s cradle of intention and interplay, constantly making and undoing and re-making their worlds.

Will Dickie plays Chris, a concert pianist with extraordinarily expressive fingers and a bad case of stage fright. Philippa Hambly plays Fleur, a war photographer adrenaline junkie who can’t sit still. We see them meet, fall in love, become a family. Then we see them fall apart under the strain of the worst tragedy that can happen to new parents. The bravery they have had to use on a daily basis to overcome the fears inherent in their professions is not sufficient to see them through – they must discover a different order of courage within themselves as individuals, and as a couple.

For me, what was most interesting was the relative absence of dialogue. This is an incredibly visual piece, made completely effective by coherent lighting and sound design - the key is to leave enough space in the writing for the enactment to happen. Be Brave is absolutely a piece of theatre, reliant on the presence of actors, the story entirely expressed through their actions.

Oh, and best ever use of a glass of water. You should go." -  Kirsten Luckins


Producers – Turtle Key Arts
Directors – Cassie Friend and Rebecca Loukes
Writer – Catherine Dyson
Performers - Philippa Hambly and Will Dickie
Sound Design – Andrew Dawson
Musical Composition – Jonny Pilcher
Set & Costume Designer – Tina Bicat
Design & Costume Assistant – Emily May Sions
Lighting Design – Aideen Malone
Filming & Editing – Primo Digital Video Productions

Originally commissioned by REACH, a project bringing new theatre to the North East, managed by ARC Stockton and Dep Arts Ltd and funded by Arts Council England